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More than 98 percent of black Americans voted for Barack Insane Obama because he is black (actually half black half white) If that’s not racism I don’t know what is. The argument is never about his way of governing. It’s always he’s a nice guy. Nice my  ass? Caring my ass. American my ass. I will not fall in line with my race just because they decide to be a racist. You can’t vote for someone because they are the same skin color as yourself. That’s racist. But a good amount of my race are lazy and want to live off the Government. So of course they will support Hitler if they can keep receiving benefits for free?  I say let the real hard working Black Americans invade BIA website because most of us don’t live by the standards they live. let’s sign up and show the world that all Black people are not pro Government and we love our country and will stand up and fight big Government. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to better your life? Stop complaining about the rich getting richer and do something with your life? Have some pride and take care of you families? Stop being a bum and work hard until you achieve your goals.