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Nowhere to be found. Why because the NAACP really is NAALP L being Liberals. All these white trash women are trying to breakdown a powerful black man and the media just eats it up because he’s a conservative black man. I would bet my life on it had he been a liberal black man the NAACP would be all over this mob lynching. All these women are gold digging sluts. Mr. Cain is a strong faithful and religious man. God stands with him and all these attempts to shun him will fail. Good will always overcome evil in the end. The liberal machine has sunk to an all time low. Politico brought fort a baseless story with no evidence to support the allegations yet the mainstream media runs with the story. We all know this is a political lynching and we the people are smart enough to ignore these attacks. Keep supporting Herman Cain for Cain is Able to lead this nation.